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Plan Modifications & Custom Design

We are here to make sure your home suits you perfectly.

House Plan Modifications

Be assured that we can make almost any change to a floor plan. Simply select a home plan, then describe in detail how you would like the plan modified. First, one of our experienced designers will review your project. Then, our expert staff will analyze your request and advise with regard to the effects of the modifications and produce an estimate of the work required to create your new plan. On rare occasions, modification requests are not economically or practically feasible. In this case, we will let you know why it is not possible, and will give you the best alternative solution.

Homeowner Modification Request Form

Builder Modification Request Form

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Modification Request FAQs

Email Us: modify@frankbetz.com

Frequently Requested Modifications

Below is a list of changes that are frequently requested by our clients. These modifications have not been created for each plan, and are therefore not drawn as a stock plan. If you are interested in making any of the following changes, you can request them through the modification department, along with any other changes you desire.

  • Upgrade to a 3 Car Garage
  • Add/Delete Living Space (square footage)
  • Add a Floor Over a Two Story Area
  • New Front Elevation
  • Garage: Front to side load or vice versa
  • Add Front or Back Porch, Screened Porch, Sunroom or Deck
  • Change Exterior Building Materials
  • True Reverse of Plan
  • Post and Beam Basement
  • Slab Foundation Plan
  • Change Exterior Walls from 2" x 4" to 2" x 6"
  • Adjust Plan for Handicap Accessibility
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Custom House Design

If you're looking for a custom design for your home, our designers can work with you to create a new concept and develop construction documents of your dream home that reflects your individual style and needs.

When working with you to design a custom home, the scope of project work falls into two phases-the design phase and the construction document phase.

In the design phase, you will work closely with one of our designers to develop a design concept. Through communicating and meeting with you, we will turn your ideas, into conceptual plans that include the first and second floor plans and the front elevation. This process will continue until a design has been developed and approved.

Once a design has been approved, projects move into the construction document phase. During this phase, your conceptual plans are transformed into a set of construction documents, drawn in CAD (Computer-aided Design). These drawings will allow you to see your plans in detail at 1/4" scale and with dimensions. After any necessary revisions are done, we will complete your set of construction drawings. After completion, your plans will undergo a quality control process to assure the accuracy and quality for which are plans are known. The process marks the finalization of your project.

Ready To Get Started?

Email Us: modify@frankbetz.com